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I tried.

2012-09-27 01:22:58 by Philliple123

All I did was type in "" right directly on the browser of my iPhone and all it did was led to someone's profile.

Time to make a change to my preinheritance

2009-11-10 22:18:57 by Philliple123

"When I'm not procrastinating I'm drawing/animating." ~ CartoonWarStudios

"...millions of dollers you get and we both walk way happy bro." ~ TomFulp

"That's good. That's real good." ~Krinkels

"The reason I bring it up is because I feel now like I looked then." ~ The-Swain

"Everything, By Everyone." ~ [All]

Theses artists, composers, animators, and everyone else have inspired their to expose and fulfill their full creation and imagination... or just wonder around.

For me, I've FINALLY found something to take action besides being a couch-potato for several months. From now on I am going to practice, upload, my creations on the Newgrounds Audio Page. I am still taking baby step, but I will know I will get a hang of it.

And you? Well if you have the talent of a gift such as sick tricks on a skateboard, make some tight moves on a dance-floor, won an award or trophy, be one of the many people to be on the spotlight, have the ability to become a professional sketcher, making graffiti art, or even just sitting on a chair with so many of this "matter" in your mind that is trying to get your attention. Then give your attention to this "matter." Not just attention but love, affection, and hugs... ANYTHING to make it happy, even if it's something personal. ;)

Let's play some building blocks:

Runescape Account: Megadx1

Minecraft Account (Classic): Philliple123

Here's the software I mostly use to communicate with my "matter." :


2009-11-10 16:13:12 by Philliple123

On Portland at Marysville school next to Holgate street is on fire!
Is posted on the news right now! 1:00 PM!
Plus thats my school and 1 person got injured and the only thing that caused this is a gun shot!


2009-10-01 10:36:33 by Philliple123

I've been producing a bunch of ships at the LOL world ROBLOX

Free Games. Check out what I have been building lately!

Hi this is my secound post.

2009-04-30 10:38:34 by Philliple123

My account is made in 4/23/09.
I like collecting NG Badges.
I sometimes fav stuff a lot.
You can comment here if you do something in my post inappropriately you will be kicked >:(

First post

2009-04-07 23:58:17 by Philliple123

Comment anything on this post, but please say something nice. =)